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The Beneficial Reasons for Getting the Flame LED light bulb

Lighting affects the body’s sleep clock. You might wonder why you feel sleepy at night and not during the daytime. Many people assume that they do so because it is the routine set by society. However, the reality is that the body has a sleep clock that follows the movement of the sun. The human body evolved from its prehistoric times to rely on sunlight for activity and moonlight or firelight for resting and nighttime events that are not entirely active.

Today’s presence of lighting all over cities is hurting the prospects of finding quality sleep for most people. However, technology is also working on your side. Innovations in lighting technologies and smartphone applications now allow you to regulate the type of light you expose yourself to in the night. The use of dimming apps is popular for your cell phone screen. It makes their light resemble candlelight and reduces eye strain.

Here are the incredible reasons for choosing this flame LED light bulb.

It has a realistic flaming torch effect

Most bulbs available only offer amber lighting that is soft on the eyes, but it still feels like electricity. The mind can easily differentiate such light and the natural light from a camping scene. On the other hand, the flame LED light improves the natural light simulation so that it presents appearances of flickering flames. The light diffuses through space in a natural-like way that feels very real. In fact, you can switch all other lights off and leave this one on for a rapid transition into sleep. The effect is possible because the light will give 1300k lumens, which are the units of measuring light. In comparison, a fluorescent tube gives more than 10,000k.

There is no heat

You might feel skeptical about having a real fire in your bedroom, but the reality of the flame LED light is different. It does not produce heat since it uses LED technology. Therefore, you only get the flickering ambiance in any positioning of the bulb at all locations. The impressive effect is not only beneficial to your eyes, but it is also functional in places where you want to increase nighttime productivity while reducing the negative effects of blue light wavelengths on people’s eyes.

It is a healthy choice

Blue light wavelength is ideal during the day because it stimulates brain activity. However, at night, it adversely affects our abilities to sleep. It is the number one reason why over-the-counter pain medication for headaches increased with the rise in popularity of smartphones. Billions of people are using their smartphones at night and suffer the consequences of overexposure to light. Meanwhile, you flame LED bulb will be transitioning every member of your household into the night mode whenever they enter the room. It increases the ambiance of the room and helps the mind to cool off and transition into sleep.