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Different fields prosper based on their importance and practicality to the society. It easy to find medicine as a thriving career because it has an established role in our modern society. In the same spirit, technology has come a long way and earned its respect as a field that is useful to our current society. With that bring said, we will be looking at the role of technology in the society. We will delve into the reasons why every government should invest in the field and encourage their citizens to indulge in its practice and implementation.

The role of technology in our society

Problem solving

Technology is by far the most interesting field. It allowskksdknknfdknkndfbdfbdfbdfbdf people to use their knowledge and skills to provide lasting solutions to problems that are troubling the society. There are very many solutions that practitioners in the field have provided the society at large. From curing diseases to providing machinery to complete mega projects that seemed impossible. Through technology, people have been able to cover long distances in minutes by driving and even travel to other parts of the world by air in a few hours. This field is remarkable and sustaining at the same time.

Source of employment

Employment is one of the top problems in our modern times. People struggle to ensure that they get a steady pay at the end of the month. With a steady pay, people can get the opportunity to educate their children and buy good food and clothes. Governments try very hard to provide sufficient employment for their citizens, but that is also no enough. This is where technology comes it.

Technology is one of the greatest employers of modern times. It created millions of jobs on a daily basis, ensuring that people can meet all their basic needs. The number of people employed as a result of technology by far surpasses all other fields. This is why everyone should embrace technology.

Shaping the future

From sending information lmdflmbldmlbmdfbdfbdfbdfdfall across the world and a person streaming a funny cat video on their smartphone, we all have technology to thank for that. Technology drives how efficient we carry out our tasks. All advancements in the field of technology are geared to making the lives of humans comfortable in the long run. Therefore the more improvements in the area of technology, the better our lives become in the long run.

This is why it is important to encourage the growth of technology.