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Car refueling into a gas station

What you need to know about fuel cards


With very many gas stations all over the world. The fuel industry has also made its advancements in how they transact business. One of the ways includes the use of fuel cards and you can learn more about this on penger.io: drivstoffkort. These cardsĀ are used as marketing tools and when buying fuel for vehicles.

The cards are also called fleet cards. However, all cards do not have the same functionality or offer. For instance, some cards are only limited to buying gas while others include services like tune-ups, lube jobs, and various repairs.

How do I use a fuel card?

cardFuel cards work the same way a credit card does, therefore, making it easy to use. The driver fills up the tank as usual at a gas station that is on the card’s network. When the driver goes to pay, he only presents the card instead of cash or a credit card.

The station will then collect all purchases made on the cards and later send an invoice for all the undertaken purchases.Reasons why you should get a fuel card. Here are some amazing benefits that both motorist and fleet owners benefit by using fuel cards.

Cashless transactions

With the use of fuel cards, you do not have to carry extra change. This Is beneficial because a driver can pay for any service from anywhere by use of this card.

Purchasing follow up

For fleet owners, the card is advantageous since it helps to monitor how much fuel the driver is consuming in a day. The fact that you need a pin to buy fuel only means that this card is secure. To add on that, you should never share your pin with anyone so as to avoid identity theft.

24/7 monitoring

Business owners often like to monitor their business in every angle imaginable. Therefore, a fuel card is ideal for monitoring fuel consumption. As soon as the driver buys fuel, the data is stored in a database and can be viewed by both the fleet owner and the driver. Also, questionable transactions are revealed in real time.

Fraud prevention

The use of this card protects drivers and fleet owners from being over charged or any form of irregularity during purchase. With improved technology, this card can now prevent fraud and even track transactions.


Many businesses have embraced the fleet cards since it lets them gain different incentives from fuel companies. The incentives often come as maintenance services and cheaper fuel products. Even though these discounts may look like they are of little value, they often add a significant amount of savings over time.

Partners, consumers, and Stations

gas stationIn the cards early years of use, few stations honored and gave out fuel cards. Companies that had large fleets such as cross country movers and trucking businesses were the first to use the fuel card. The stations in which this card can be used, most of the time are found on the main routes. Partner card issuers and gas companies later realized that if they reached out to small enterprises and individual customers would contribute to improving their bottom line.