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Why You Should Go Back to Your Running Roots with Xero Canvas Shoes

The trick to learn and teach your brain to become extra strong for running is by doing it barefooted. Unfortunately, you do not live in a jungle and running barefoot would be a wrong choice because it introduces several risks. The best solution is to go with Xero canvas shoes. They are very comfortable on your feet, and they represent the truest feeling of the earth beneath your feet. The shoes are especially great for an individual looking to have memorable casual adventures around the neighborhood, in the nearby forest, and around the grassland areas where nature feels accommodating. Here are the beneficial attributes of the Xero canvas shoes worth considering.

Vegan-friendly material

The shoes use materials that come from natural products that do not require the killing of animals and this choice makes them an ideal option for a person seeking to save the planet and show compassion to animals. The vegan-friendly material is also a wise choice for the shoe manufacturers because it compensates the heat generation within the shoes and makes it breathable.

Real sole feeling

The shoes rely on TrueFeel rubber sole. The material is notable for its ability to protect the feet against harm while also transferring every pressure gesture to the feet. When you wear the shoes with the TrueFeel rubber sole, you feel as though you are walking without shoes. The rubber sole also improves the comfort of the shoes and makes it very light. You can run and walk briskly without feeling the heaviness of the feet. Therefore, the shoes would be beneficial to people who have arthritis and other health problems that cause soreness of the feet.

An excellent choice for training your feet

The zero drop system trains your feet to walk naturally. Other shoes lack this ability to train your feet into a natural stepping style because they have a heel and they also come with different sole material that will not transfer all the sensory feedback from the ground to your feet. Luckily, the Xero canvas shoes come in different models. You can choose the one that will have some support for the sake of training your feet. You should be ready for the real ground feel options from the zero drop system after a few weeks of training.

The last the mile

You will use the shoes for a very long time even when you commit to running or walking in them daily. They have an average lifetime of 5000 miles, and that could translate to about 5 miles daily for a thousand days. In general terms, you may expect the shoes to last between 5 to 7 years with heavy usage and up to 10 years with light usage. The canvas material will give in after about six years. Meanwhile, during the period, you will not have problems with the construction quality. There should be no complaints about peeling back from the upper part or the discoloring of the canvas as long as you follow the recommended care procedures.

These should become your default shoes for training your feet to adopt a natural posture for walking and running.